Total Quality

Total quality begins and ends with training.
(Kaoru Ishikawa 1915 - 1989)

Giving a definition of quality in objective terms is no easy matter. Quality is not an absolute parameter. Its perception is totally subjective and its pursuit is a constant process, as it changes with the changes in needs and expectations. We have made total quality our philosophy, not just through the importance given to our clients and the careful attention paid to the product, but also by committing ourselves to the continuous improvement of the production processes and to the development of our employees of all levels.

In order to reach new standards of quality we have first of all changed our approach. We have married the strength of our intuition and experience to the reliability of scientific method, seeking to reconcile the fullest use of human resources, wherever they might be, with the greatest satisfaction of the same.

This is a game involving the entire team, without whom we would never have been able to achieve our goals. We would not be what we are without the years of hard work which have enabled us to grow together.